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The most powerful letter of the alphabet.  

The are few words beginning with X. 

But great is the symbolism it can have.  

Be a symbol of an enigma or a mystery, the letter X marks our imagination. 

It marks the treasure on the map, in mathematics it can personify the enigma that we very much want to unravel or it offers us the power of multiplication.  

It often embodies the prohibition or the eroticism of carnal desire. 

The paleography teaches us that it is the chart for Christ and for perfection.  
Ancient Rome introduced it as number 10 and in the eyes of modern science it is the female chromosome. So much. And so simple. One letter, one number, one symbol. Extremely aesthetic, rebellious and seXual. 

It is, however, a free symbol and available to many more and new connotations. Waiting for you, waiting for your own meaning.  

Mark with an X the piece you like the most and make it a symbol of your personality and identity. 


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