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Waking up with the sweet chirping of birds, feeling the grass and the earth on a long walk through the woods, lying on the fine sand at sunset with the skin still warm, breathing the calm of the rocks in the middle of the saw. These are sensations of pure pleasure conveyed by the simplicity and unicity of nature. The Biophilic design aims to rejuvenate, to re-establish the human connection with nature through design.   

Bringing it to everyday life, from our utilitarian objects to the architecture of the design of environments, natural forms, the calm and pleasure that the organic side transmits to us. From the natural materials and vegetation themselves, but also by the reproduction of textures and shapes.  

And it is in this ideology and with this spirit we create PHILIC, it means love, from love for life and the biological need for connection by nature, with jewels that culminate clean and polished lines with rocky and spontaneous textures, in a symbiosis of calm, strength and beauty. 


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