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We give names to letters and with letters we write names.    

Alphabet, a set of 26 symbols, graphic letters which represent the phonemes of a language. A set of codes, symbols that characterise and define, describe the culture of a civilisation. Each letter has as much meaning as only one and an infinite set of meanings, readings, sounds, conjugating between them, writing, words, names, adjectives, social codes that materialise what we see, live, feel. Which allow us to express and understand, to be understood.    

We self-identify ourselves by the initials of our names by which we create bonds and by the initials of those we love the most.   

So, we created ABC, a set of pieces with all the Latin letters in lower case, so that you can have fun wearing them and strengthen your identity, that you keep on your chest the letters that define and fill you.
We grow up and live catalogued by this order, now you live your own code.

Take a risk and be you, I COGNITO  


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