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With delicate care you can enjoy your I COGNITO jewelry year after year.

Silver Each I COGNITO product is meticulously handcrafted in Portugal using 925 sterling silver. Over time, this high-quality silver may naturally oxidize due to exposure to sulfur, which can be found in the air, fabrics, and even excreted by the body. Fortunately, this oxidation is not permanent, and you can easily remove it to restore your jewelry’s shine.
To maintain the beauty and intricate details of your I COGNITO products, avoid exposing them to the following: Cosmetics, Makeup, Perfumes, Body oils, Saltwater, Household chemicals, and Water that may damage the colour. Please note that your skin pH can also intensify color changes in the silver. Following these instructions, you can keep your sterling silver jewelry looking its best.

Gold plated - Each I COGNITO product is handcrafted made from 925 sterling silver with 24k gold. Even though the gold plating is thick, kindly note that with time the plating can wear off. This is normal and not a reason for a claim. We recommend avoiding contact with any kind of liquid. Besides that, avoid humidity or heat as this may cause tarnishing and Please note that your skin pH can also intensify color changes in gold-plated jewelry.

On the other hand, the packaging of jewellery is important and we advise you to always keep them in the original box or pouch, as the one we offer. In addition, it is important to clean your I COGNITO jewelry often with a soft tissue.


Silver and gold-plated services are available, please contact our customer service at


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