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true identity

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And it is in this ideology and with this spirit we create PHILIC, it means love, from love for life and the biological need for connection by nature, with jewels that culminate clean and polished lines with rocky and spontaneous textures, in a symbiosis of calm, strength and beauty.



One letter, one number, one symbol. The most powerful letter of the alphabet. Inspired by a symbol of an enigma or a mystery, the letter x marks our imagination. Mark with an X the piece you like the most and make it a symbol of your personality and identity.



A set of pieces with all the Latin letters in lower case, so that you can have fun wearing them and strengthen your identity, that you keep on your chest the letters that define and fill you. We grow up and live catalogued by this order, now you live your own code. We self-identify ourselves by the initials of our names by which we create bonds and by the initials of those we love the most.



An open collection that will be built through pieces that are a complement to the body, eternal essentials that you never want to take off. Simple bright lines that transform and confuse with our DNA. Mine, the certainty of a design that complements me, that breathes the same as me.



I, me, the self in being. I COGNITO, the self-awareness. The “I” collection takes place and shape, enlacing with the body through minimal lines, with strength, showcasing several techniques which will hug into each’s personality.


When I order the items it came in with the exact time promised. The quality of the two bracelets I purchased is very good and Iam happy withwhat I ordered. I can't wait to order more.


I had searched for innovative and unique jewelry and came across this I COGNITO. Quality, design and the fact of getting handmade jewelry to
affordable prices made me their customer. A big plus was the engraving service and fast delivery.


A unique experience. I want to emphasize the quality of the products and collections designed and created by I COGNITO. The delivery was super fast and the
pack represents every detail of the brand. Congratulations to the customer service team. I became a fan.



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