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I cognito, I know
I cognito, to know, to be, to understand
Trust instinct, acceptance, awareness,
to ken himself.
I cognito is a being that acknowledge himself, a man
who takes risks, one of a kind, with strength and claw, a man of concrete
thoughts. A being with self-consciousness, who understands what he wants, who  he is and which will reflect.
I cognito is strength of being.
A men’s brand, maybe, that will simply match the right attitude, despite the gender.


Founded in 2021, I COGNITO is a Portuguese jewelry brand with the vision to create timeless jewelry. 

All our jewelry is therefore made by 925 sterling silver, is locally designed and handmade in Portugal by artisans specialized in made-to-measure for limited quantities. 

Products made through this process pertain a greater attencion to details and better quality, making each piece unique and with its own characteristics.





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